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Zachary - One of God's most precious miracles!
 Here Are Just A Few Of Our Success Stories...

  It's a privilege to partner with you in God's work. Your faithful support and generosity makes it possible for us to be a strong force in the community. I was told the Women's Choice Clinic announced recently that CPC is one of their "problem areas". Wow! We are having an impact. Thank you too, Eric, for your advice and wisdom. You and Sarah have greatly enhanced our ability to share the adoption option with our clients. Thank you again for the gift of support! JoAnn & Staff (Crisis Pregnancy Center)

Dearest Sarah,
I am not sure how I can thank you for all you have done for me and my family. As a professional, I am so impressed with your work and effort you put into our situation. As a friend, I am thankful to have had so much compassion and trust. You are one of the prime reasons why I am happy to know my child is safe. Thank you for everything, Andrea

Sarah ~
There are simply no words to express my appreciation and thanks for the way you operate as a Christian professional. Please receive our thanks for the kind and supportive way you assisted our adoption process. In spite of the many bumps, you have helped it to be a positive experience. We are thanking God for you and the way He used you in our lives.
Love, M, K & S

Dearest Eric...
We are deliriously happy and I keep pinching myself - is this really my life now? Little milestones make me laugh and sometimes feel like I'm in a dream - such as our first trip out with the pram, our first bath with Max. It's so different from our previous life - but we love it. Even Lily (the dog) seems very happy, albeit a little attention deprived.
Of course I'm not writing to wax lyrical about our domestic bliss, but to give you both our huge thanks for all of your kindness and generosity.
You made us feel very welcome. Thank you so much. It was wonderful to meet you and to get to know you. I do feel very strongly that God put us in your hands, and we couldn't have been in better hands!
You helped us in so many ways, far and beyond the call of Lyon Law duty, and I can't begin to tell you how much we appreciate it. We deeply hope that you will come to London in the not too distant future, so that we can repay some of your hospitality and kindness. And the kids too!
You have an amazing business making people happy in the most fundamental and important of ways. Allowing them to be a family. Thank you for our family.
We are so grateful to you and Sarah, and to other team members at the office, who were all incredible. So professional, so courteous and a real pleasure to meet. It was wonderful to feel so many people were on our side. Katy, Wendy, Sally, Rachael, all "Max's women", were so good to us, and made us feel so comfortable and in capable hands. Sarah is an amazing woman, who's professionalism in her job, coupled with her caring, considered and straight forward approach to all her dealings, make her the perfect person to work with. We couldn't have wished for a better ally. I am sure you know what an amazing asset you have in Sarah, but we can't praise her highly enough or to commend her to you enough. On top of all her amazing skills she has a great sense of humor and was great fun to work with. Nick and I were both in awe of her ability to handle all the different situations we encountered and especially in getting the right balance in dealing with J, A and S. We both felt in very safe hands with her and never had a moment of panic as she managed each situation perfectly.
We have much to be grateful for. And much to thank you all for. And much to thank God for. We have learnt so much in the last few weeks. Adoption is an amazing process and experience to live throughj!
Love, Nick, Deb & Max

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